United Country Kozma Auctions Realty Inc

United Country Kozma Auction & Realty has been in business since 1993 providing our clients professional services in the area of auction marketing and appraisals. We work with lending institutions, legal professionals, insurance industry, government agencies, large and small private business, and the general public.

We can help turn your idle or excess assets into immediate cash in a short time thereby allowing you to move forward on other projects which may require an immediate influx of cash. Our 21st Century approach to business places us in the forefront of our industry by providing clients the latest technology tools and cutting edge marketing practices in the liquidation of their real or personal property assets.

United Country Kozma Auction & Realty’s professional appraisers, using experience, continuous education, and advanced research methodology, can also help clients determine their assets value in today’s market.

We make every effort to ensure your valuable time is not wasted. That is why when we sit down to plan an auction, we provide our clients with timely information and offer several solutions to assist in the decision making process. Planning is the key to a successful auction, and each auction merits an individual plan. It is our job to do your planning for you in such areas as target marketing, cost details, advertising methodology, site and equipment preparation, and other considerations necessary for a successful auction. Our years of experience works for you.

Why trust your assets to just anyone. Contact us for a free consultation today. Let the professionals at United Country Kozma Auction & Realty provide you with solutions to your real or personal property auction needs or for your asset appraisal needs. We provide prompt, professional and confidential service to our clients.

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